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Nigeria & Lake Chad

Since 2013, CFG has been involved in projects in the Sahel Region and in particular in Nigeria and the Lake Chad region, in partnership with the Swiss FDFA. Such initiatives focus on the themes of peace promotion, mediation space creation and the enhancement of conflict transformation skills.

The issue of Boko Haram continues to weigh on the region despite some improvements noted since the access to power of President Mouhamadou Buhari in October 2015. Although the Nigerian army seems to have regained control of some areas occupied by BH, other more remote regions remain under the control of the movement. Moreover, acts of extreme violence (murder, assassination, abduction, rape, destruction of infrastructure) continue to generate massive flows of Nigerian refugees in neighbouring countries and cause massive internal movements of the civilian population (IDPs). In 2015 in the area of Chad Lake, CFG in partnership with the FDFA started a project which aims to reduce the recruitment of young people by violent groups with religious reference, amongst which Boko Haram, through the development and spreading of “ Constructive Narratives “ rooted in religious precepts and texts.